Accu-Chek Active Glucometer Test Strips Main Features and Details

In today’s scientific world we find lots of new equipment and product which help us to check, diabetes, blood pressure, glucose level, etc. During the last fifty years, a series of tools captured the market.

Diabetes is caused due to unstable glucose generation in the body, or when our body cants able to produce glucose, which is also the cause of diabetes in our body. This disease also passed from generation, like if someone in your family has diabetes, then the younger generation also face the problem of low glucose production.

The Accu-Chek Active Glucometer is a battery-powered portable glucometer with a companion app facility. You can easily connect your phone with this glucometer with the help of wireless Bluetooth and thus easily present blood sugar reading and history. Its accuracy follows international standards. Thus, you can blindly choose the ACCU-CHEK Active Glucometer without any worries.

This contains Accu-Check Active strips which act like a syringe for squeezing blood from the body, and you should put it on the glucometer to check the glucose level of your body. These strips are made of plastic containing consumable elements that react with glucose in the drop of blood in the body and help us to measure the elements of glucose in your body.

What are the main Features of Accu Check Active Strips?

The Accu-check active Glucometer comes with its own set of unique features, increasing our user-friendly experience. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Affordable price: This pack comes with 2 boxes with 100 strips at an affordable price.
  • Proven Accuracy: These strips are simple and very effective and help us to keep regular records of diabetes, and proven 100% accurate by the ISO 15197.
  • Easy Handling:This device and strips are easy to handle and make them easy to use.
  • Mature functionality with less volume of blood: The Accu Check Active strip can absorb blood easily and it requires very less blood volume 1-2 ul or 600 mg. Also, the system provides fast and accurate results.
  • Coding Facility: Some meters have a coding facility and its differentiate batch by batch, some require manually entered and some not.


  • The Accu Check guides me Meter manual and the strips are free with a subscription. There are no charges for strips and it can be used once and thrown, like a needle used in the checking.
  • It has an LCD screen which we can read and understand well.
  • It will give you results in 5 seconds.
  • It has long and wide strips which can be easy to test.


  • Many apps are good at checking sugar levels than Accu check without strips.
  • Sometimes results will not be perfect compared to laboratory tests.
  • Accu check work only with the help of strips, it can be harmful if not follow proper instructions.
  • It can cause accidents to children and harm them due to the sharpness of the strips.

Safety information:

Before using Accu check glucometer strips, keep these points in your mind-

  • Don’t rift your finger very hard.
  • Use only a small amount of blood for testing.
  • Keep this Accu check glucometer away from heat and sunlight.
  • You should keep it away from children.

It would be best not to poke your finger very hard while extracting the blood.

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