How To Choose Wheelchair for Elderly Person

Buying a wheelchair is indeed a significant financial investment. Some people may even compare this mobility equipment to the purchase of a vehicle. There are specific characteristics you will want to meet your wants and tastes, and you will utilize them regularly since you will need them to move from point A to b

Wheelchairs are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes these days. They are available in various sizes, forms, and procedures, all of which can be customized. Whatever you choose could significantly impact your degree of comfort, how easy it is to travel around, and your overall level of pleasure with your acquisition.

This section will present you with some recommendations on what you need to consider while purchasing a new wheelchair in India. It’s crucial to consider how, where, and how often the wheelchair is used before diving into the specifics of the device’s specifications.

Features to consider while choosing a Wheelchair for Elderly Person

Here are some key features that can best help you in deciding over the wheelchairs

Electric or Manual

While shopping for a wheelchair, this is likely the most significant distinction you have to make. Do you prefer a more typical manual wheelchair, or do you want an electric wheelchair? The use of an electric wheelchair is recommended when you have limited movement, a specific health condition, or requires additional support.

Temporary or permanent basis

However, you need to decide whether a wheelchair is required for a temporary or permanent basis, a manual wheelchair is more appropriate for your requirements for temporary basis. For lifetime use, electric wheelchairs can be helpful.


Individual preference or cost considerations may lead some people to favor one style over another. If you can afford high cost, go for power wheelchairs, else for inexpensive models choose manual wheelchairs.

Size & dimensions of the wheelchair

When it comes to selecting a wheelchair, size is essential. The correct size of a chair is critical because if you buy a wheelchair that is too tiny or too large, you may have difficulty sitting in it and possibly falling out when you do. Make sure to take measurements for the chair’s width and height.

Your age, weight, and height are all important factors to consider. Please keep in mind that there are wheelchairs available specifically made for adults and children of all types and sizes. Also, keep in mind that each seat has a max weight limit of 300 pounds. All models will include a description of the total seat width & height measurements. Make sure to double-check them.

Arm & footrest

Arm & footrests are intended to offer you comfort and support when you sit or stand. They should also be robust and safe while transferring from one wheelchair to another. There are several different arm & footrest styles to choose from. Your arm & leg rests’ length, as well as their capacity to move and swing, will give you increased comfort, maneuverability, and flexibility.

Transportation and storage

The ease with which a wheelchair can be stored is easily overlooked. It’s critical to select a type that not only fits your mobility demands at home but also fulfills your mobility needs wherever you have to go. Wheelchair storage and transportation are important factors that should be kept in mind while choosing a wheelchair for elderly person.

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